1. High Barrier.
    For contents that are sensitive to moisture, oxygen or UV light.
  2. Improved Self Life.
    for slow moving packaging requiring long shelf life such as medicals, food sauces, lubricants.
  3. High Impact.
    For packaging that sustain rough distribution handling, severe drop and press condition.
  4. Retort.
    For contents that require sterile packaging with aseptic processing. Can be used as replacement of cans and for ready-to-eat foods where packaging can be submersed in hot water.
  5. Biodegradable / Degradable.
    For refuse/household waste bags, bin liners, carrier bags, bread bags, compostable bags for fresh produce and agricultural use.

Office & Factory

Jl. Pulau Nusa Barung Km 10.5
Kawasan Industri Medan (KIM) 1
Medan - 20242

Operational Hours
Monday - Friday 08.00 - 16.30
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